We buy in tea from a tea-producing area, finish and manufacture tea products, and produce tea on a commercial basis from first to last.

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Particular Products by Small Lot

Particular Products by Small Lot

We take a private order by small lot.
We will help you to make your particular products.


Particular stores, health-food manufacturers and event companies

■ We'll briefly show you some requests we have had before.

I want you to mix something into tea.
I want you to make original products, as a limited production of 100.
I want you to make tea products by small lot for an advertising novelty.

Bishinsoucha Organically grown green tea with matcha (ground green tea)
Taste good and be moistened every day
Mixing wild herbs blended with this tea for health.
reliable and safe
manufactured with 100% Japanese tea
We use neither an agricultural chemical nor a chemical fertilizer to grow tea in principle.
Organically grown green tea with matcha (ground green tea)
Step 1 Request and Previous Arrangement
Please contact us by phone, e-mail or facsimile first.
Step 2 Product Planning, Product Development and Trial Manufacture
We start trial manufacture of tea with a concept.
You can tell us your plan or your proposal.

Type of tea leaves (green tea, hojicha [roasted tea], genmaicha [roasted tea with roasted and popped rice], Chinese tea, healthy tea, tea made of roasted barley
Tea-producing area (each place in Japan, overseas)
How to fire tea leaves (deep roast, medium roast, light roast)
Form of products (leaves, tea bag, powdered tea, liquid)
How to blend (We will compound tea leaves for your favorite taste.)
Step 3 Plan of Products
We test the trial manufacture in various items, such as the quantity of contents and packages, and improve the quality of our products.
Step 4 Estimate and Contract
After you have decided a plan of product roughly, we will estimate the cost by the lot that you want.
Step 5 Check of Products by JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) and the Food Sanitation Law
We have our products checked by a public health center. (If it is needed.)
Step 6 Procurement of Ingredients and Packages
We procure the necessary things for products, such as ingredients, containers and packing materials.
Step 7 Manufacture
We finish your original tea products.
Step 8 Quality Control and Delivery of Goods
We control the quality after selling.
Step 9 Proposal for Addition of New Item and Renewal
We help you to answer the needs of the time and earn the business chance.
Please feel free to call us if you have questions and requests.
Phone number: +81-(0)72-261-7181
(Service available 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., weekdays)
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